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Agencie is back with a BANG!!

What a time it has been!!

We just can’t thank you enough, for your on-going and continued support of us here at Agencie. Having only been able to open our doors for what feels like a hot minute, it has certainly been an experience, that we never envisaged, and we are incredibly thankful and mindful of the kindness, support, and custom shown to us, by the wonderful Seddon and surrounding community that we have found ourselves embraced by. For this, we are forever grateful to have found our tribe and YOU are a part of that!


We wanted to personally write to you today, not only, to thank-you, but to explain how our “roadmap” out of lockdown will look, and how we, as a team, have worked together to be able to bring you a more premium, refined, detail orientated and smooth, Agencie salon experience.


We have spent a lot of time during this lockdown reflecting with our team on our “Why’s”.


Why we do what we do, what we love about what we do, how we can do it better, how we can care for YOU more, our guest. Our drive has always been to have every one of our guests leave the salon feeling valued, cared for, beaming with happiness and of-course……. killer hair!


It is because of these exact reasons, that we have been working hard, in the comfort of our lounge rooms, to come back with an almighty BANG!!


We are thrilled and excited to announce that our service to you is about to go to the next level and some! The entire team at Agencie will be working on a 1:1 basis, effective immediately from when we re-open our doors!!!


What does this mean for you??


It means that your creative stylist/colourist of choice will be taking care of you from start to finish. Our creative geniuses, want to be able to look after ALL of the finer details within your service (perfectionists)….The colour application, the gloss, the finish, the photograph, the WOW goodbye!! Every technical step, from start to finish.


You will have your stylist all to yourself for the duration of your entire appointment. NO distractions, NO juggling of clients. This new level of care and service enables us to make sure your entire service is nothing short of perfect….every single time!


We can not put into words, just how excited we all are at being able to return to doing what we love! We take our role as creators of glamour and good feelings very seriously and are literally counting down the sleeps until we can care for all In our beautiful space…..prosecco or gin, ready to go!


To view our new service menu, please click on the button below…..

We can’t wait to welcome you back with lots of laughs, impeccable service and “that” killer hair.


Which brings us to, our re-opening process.


Squeals of excitement!!!!!


We are thrilled to announce that we are moving full steam ahead, all hands on deck, to re-open on Tuesday 26th October.


We will be complying with the Victoria Government’s Public Health Order, however, we would like to add, that this is not our personal policy, it is the governments.


We love all of our guests equally and make no judgments. We were hoping to have more information by now, in regards to when we will be able to welcome our unvaccinated guests back into the salon, but unfortunately we are still in the dark….. To our guests who are unvaccinated, we would love to continue to help you take care of your locks at home until we are able to take care of them for you and are more than happy to arrange home colour kits, if that works for you.


To all of our fully vaccinated guests…..Things you need to know….


  • Our entire team is fully vaccinated.

  • We will be contacting every single guest who missed an appointment during lockdown, in order from 6th August.

  • We will be checking vaccination status upon entry, so please have your certificate attached to your Service Victoria App, have a printed copy or your medical exemption with you.

  • We are capped at 5 guests in the salon at any time, so please be patient with us and know that we are doing our best!

  • We literally have 100’s of guests to contact. We will get to you, we promise!

  • We began this process this morning, so please keep your eyes peeled for an unknown number, don’t worry, none of us answer those, we will leave you a message but it’s important you contact us back as quickly as possible to secure your spot.

  • Due to the volume of guests needing appointments, and our wish to fit in as many as we can before Christmas, we are unable to accept bookings for full heads or colour corrections for your first visit back, however these can be booked for your following appointment. (Sorry!!)

  • We will not be accepting new clients until 2022.

  • We will be running a cancellation list. We would recommend adding yourself to this list as we do foresee lots of movement due to people needing to be tested, needing to isolate etc, etc.. You can discuss this with either Kylie or Dita during your chat.

  • And of-course, masks will need to be worn inside by our team and also yourselves, We recommend a disposable one, but we will always have spare ones available if needed.

  • We are looking to create a "Covid Conversation Free Space" We know that everyone has been effected by lockdown, however we are committed to having ALL of our guests leave feeling upbeat, positive, shiny and new and would love to keep our space high energy, fun and full of good vibes. We would really appreciate your support on this. 


Once again, we thank-you for all of the support, kindness, and generosity shown to us during this time.


We are just so thankful to be on the home stretch and to be back creating amazing feelings for you all, in a space we love.


We can not wait!!


Big Love,

Jules, Lou & the entire Agencie Team. xx

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