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To our wonderful, strong, not yet broken, Agencie Guests.

This is a love filled, good vibes only, smile invoking, love note from us to you!

We cannot thank YOU enough for all of the support and love shown to us, not only during this lockdown, but for the entirety of our existence, and for that, we feel immense gratitude.


We just wanted to give you a super quick update on where we're at and how we will be moving forward in what will be a challenging and interesting new normal.

We will not be re-scheduling any appointments until we have a confirmed re-open date.

Please know that as soon as this happens, we will move fast and efficiently in the safest way possible for you, our team, ourselves, and our families to have you taken care of as quickly as is possible.


We know, that our job is to get you all looking and feeling as vibrant and re-energised as quickly as possible and we LOVE OUR JOB!

Until then, please sit tight and try and stay as sane as possible

during this time of absolute madness!


If there is anything we can do to help, we are only ever an email, a DM on IG or PM through Facebook away.

Sending you nothing but love, energy and good vibes.


From all of us here at Agencie XX

Need some help and care with your hair colour?

We are providing our regular guests with Home care colour kits.

Please avoid the box dye!

Get yours for only $119

It's super easy.... book a zoom consult with Hayden through the link below, a zoom link will then be SMS'd to you approximately 1 hour before your consult.


We will box up everything you'll need to be back in town and feeling unbelievable. You can then either pick up from the salon or delivery can be arranged!

We are able to.....remove greys, tone blondes and touch up regrowth for solid colours.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lightening agents.

We desperately want to help you all feel vibrant and re- energised......We are LOVING seeing all of your faces.

Thank you for filling our cup!


Is your Skin in crisis mode?
Do you need some help, care or guidance?

We are currently treating guests who have concerns with, age management, acne, maskne,

rosacea, pigmentation, dull and lifeless skin.....

If you're suffering from any of these skin conditions, please let us help!

We are able to create amazing results on a cellular level...even during lockdown! 

We are committed to giving you that glow and level of confidence that healthy skin brings, all ready for party season when we get out!

We are offering Agencie  guests a FREE Zoom Skin Consult with Ranee, our Senior Paramedical Skin Therapist from our Skin Health Clinic upstairs, The Skin Agencie.

It's easy.... book your FREE  zoom consult with  Ranee, through the link below, a zoom link will then be SMS'd to you approximately 1 hour before your consult.

Let us help you get your prep well underway to revise any conditions that you are experiencing.

We want to help  all of our guests to look and feel as refreshed as possible  during this time and onwards. 

Big Love from all of us here at Agencie and the Skin Agencie XX


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